Planet League Cup Winners

Cobblers win the Planet League Cup

Written by

Tom Gribbin

Published on

15 Nov 2022

The cobblers nailed it. After several tournaments where they were sooo close, this time they nailed it with a resounding win.

Winning the first three weeks on the trot gave them an unassailable lead … and even though Man Utd Foundation’s rearguard action won them the last two weeks handsomely … it wasn’t quite enough to wind back Northampton’s lead. So Northampton were top with 167 points, United second with 158 points.

Lincoln City (130) and West Ham (129) came third and fourth respectively.

Over 74,000 activities were completed by fans in the five-week tournament preventing 169 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Northampton-born comedian, Alan Carr, recorded a video message to celebrate the victory: “Well done to Northampton Town, all their supporters and all the local schools who are doing their best to tackle climate change, and also for winning Planet League, well done you! Up the Cobblers.” We’re really chuffed that a top comedian gave Northampton Town a shout-out.

Huge congratulations to Northampton Town and their fans for lifting the Planet League trophy. From hosting a green game and getting their players involved to their incredible schools and community engagement they have shown the power of football for doing good for the planet. 

And a special word for Damon Fox at Northampton Town Community Trust who showed amazing leadership and dedication to get Town … over the line.”